This free event is an all-ages gathering of local “makers”—tech enthusiasts, crafters, tinkerers, hobbyists and artisans—who will showcase their do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and innovations in an expansive outdoor exhibition. From a full-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon cockpit and hand-crafted musical instruments to robotics and 3D printing, the inaugural Nashville Mini Maker Faire brings together a cross-section of interests with the common theme of science and creativity.

Make Nashville is helping a local Title 1 high school engineering class crowdfund a 3D printer. Your donation will support new generations of local makers. We appreciate anything you can give and thank you for your support! Click the image of the 3D printer above to go to the Indiegogo page for the project!

“Circuit Bending is the creative recycling of common discarded technology, often children’s toys, by opening the device and soldering in new connections to create unique musical and video instruments.” – Roth Mobot The Circuit Benders’ Ball is a daylong symposium dedicated to the art of the bend. It features multiple stages, many performers, an interactive art gallery, and workshops.